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We provide a full 360 degree approach working on the clients fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Providing Excellence & Results

At F1TCO, we believe in helping one transform themselves through physical fitness and mental wellbeing. We provide a full 360 degree approach working on the clients fitness, nutrition and lifestyle management led by a highly skilled team of coaches

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“Quite honestly, I have found it life changing
-Chris Carter

Inside our studio

One World, One Community


Joel Craven

An amazing gym with amazing coaches. The atmosphere is relaxed and can get on with your training whilst feeling comfortable. Any of the coaches are at hand to give you advice if you need it too.

Ryan Wolfenden

F1TCO is exactly what it says, a community. Driven by coaches who are well experienced, knowledgeable and can also have a laugh. By far the number one facility within Rawtenstall.

Gammu Sadomba

My experience has been very positive so far as someone who’s always avoided the gym. The team is friendly and supportive and definitely made this the best decision for me. Highly recommended.

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