About Us

At F1TCO we design, test and deliver periodised programmes to ensure each member transforms both their physical and mental wellbeing. With 25 years experience working with a variety of people from obesity, diabetes, rehab to high end athletes to increase performance, our programmes are designed to alarm, resist and exhaust your body through the programme to reach your goal.

In the last decade having run a chain of budget gyms where we touched more than half a million lives we saw a massive gap in what people set out to do when they join a gym and what they are actually able to achieve. We saw so many people transform their lives and we tried to figure out what was that differentiated people who were able to achieve the desired results vs who weren’t and to take complete credit for these transformations would be inappropriate. A lot of this was to do with how these people inherently were. We mapped the journey of thousands of these people by conducting one on one interviews and we also interviewed the top trainers friends and family who played a role in their lives and we realized the differentiator was not training and nutrition, it was the education around it. Everyone had the same guidance, some were motivated and disciplined to educate themselves and actively seek information from wherever they could, be it YouTube Videos, be it articles, they just wanted to know more.

“Eureka” we thought what if we could educate everyone by giving them all this information absolutely free and get them to be a part of a community that constantly motivates each member and shares their experiences, pushes each other, this was the birth of the #TheF1ttestCommunity – One Community with each 1 having their own individual Identities but still be a part of the community. This is important its not a one size fit all Approach. The idea was to educate people and get them involved in creating their own unique LifestyleCode®, as unique as their DNA.

Tell Me and I Forget; Teach Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Learn..

Education is a key part to our members' success in completing their transformation programmes, therefore we also deliver and educate upcoming health professionals. Our focus being mainly the L3 Diploma in Gym Instructing & Personal Training awarded by Active IQ. Driven by the purpose of International excellence, our team of tutors & assessors are equipped with experience, quality and scientifically backed knowledge within health and performance. Our students are the soul of our training academy and therefore we provide them with a nurturing environment and knowledge that can help them revolutionise the health and wellness industry.


To create the world's fittest community through physical and mental state of mind whilst building a global community of exceptional personal trainers both digitally and through the world's largest network of personal training centres


Building the future of fitness talent that drives exceptional results through our community whilst delivering exceptional results to our clients through the 12 week transformation programme.


Excellence; we drive exceptional standards in all areas. Community; our community is at the centre of everything. Development; we all strive for continuous development in all areas of what we do

Building the future of fitness talent that drives exceptional results through our community

F1TCO promises to make sure that everyone, be it client, student or partner is educated, supported and welcomed to the Fittest Community

In 2020 the idea of creating a network of top fitness Coaches who would change lives of people was born. Training is not difficult, what is difficult is consistency and the ability to continue on the right path and this requires the right coaches executing the perfect program. The concept of 1% trainers was born with the idea that our trainers would be the top 1%.

We are social beings and over time the founders realised that working in communities has more benefits than are evident, and hence the concept of Group Transformation was Born. The community along with their coach build its own camaraderie.

Group transformation is not jumping into group classes. It’s a 360 Degree approach which works on Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Management via our own Proprietary F1TCO App

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